Holy Week – Semana Santa 2016

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Holy Week is a sacred time in the Christian calendar that commemorates and remembers the last week of Jesus´ life on earth. The season of Lent, a time of self-denial, culminates on Easter Sunday with a great feast.

Holy Week is important for all Christians, as it focuses on the events that led up to  the Passion or suffering and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The last three days before Easter are known as the Triduum and are especially important for Catholics.

In churches everywhere on Holy Thursday, the Last Supper is reenacted, the night Jesus was betrayed and arrested. Good Friday, the day of His Crucifixion and death there is the veneration of the Cross. A service is held at 15:00 (the hour He is believed to have died) and another later in the evening. Holy Saturday, the Easter Vigil is held, the day Jesus rested in the tomb. Easter Sunday  is the day where Jesus rose from the dead.

The following is a schedule of processions in Marbella.

Palm Sunday “Domingo de Ramos” – Jesus´ final entry into Jerusalem
Date: March 20th
Begin: 20.00
Location: C / San Juan de Dios, Plaza José Paloma

Holy Monday – “La Columna” – The cleansing of the Temple
Date: March 21st
Begin: 20:30
Location: Capilla Santo Cristo, Plaza Santo Cristo

Holy Tuesday – “Santa Marta” – Sermon on the Mount
Date: March 22nd
Begin: 21:00
Location: Plaza de la Iglesias, C/ Carmen

Spy Wednesday – “Nazareno” – Judas agrees to betray Jesus
Date: March 23rd
Begin: 20:30
Location: Plaza de la Iglesias, C / Salinas

Maundy Thursday – “Calvario” – The Last Supper
Date: March 24th
Begin: 18:00
Location: Plaza de la Ermita, C / Huerta Belón

Holy Thursday – “Cristo del Amor” – Jesus is arrested
Date: March 24th
Begin: 20:00
Location: Plaza de los Naranjos

Good Friday – “Yacente” – Trial, crucifixion and burial of Jesus
Date: March 25th
Begin: 21:00
Location: Plaza Santo Sepulco

Good Friday – “Soledad” 
Date: March 25th
Begin: 21:30
Location: Plaza de la Iglesia

Holy Saturday – Jesus rested in the tomb
Saturday – No Procession
Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday – The Resurrection


Note: The schedule for the Semana Santa / Holy Week processions was correct at the time of publishing, provided by the Marbella Town Hall.

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