The New Normal

Post by: Gerarda on 17 Aug 2020

Coming for a dental appointment will look a little different from your pre-COVID-19 appointment. Now when you book an appointment it takes more than the two minutes it did in the past. Before being given an appointment patients are screened for their health and travel history. Following the Spanish Dental Association guidelines we also inform you of our new protocols before coming to the clinic, such as:

  • come to your appointment unaccompanied, unless you need assistance
  • take your temperature when you arrive
  • give you plastic bags for your mask and personal belongings
  • give you a set of shoe covers to wear before you enter
  • wash your hands with soap and water
  • use alcohol gel
  • sign applicable forms

When you arrive at the clinic you will see that everyone is dressed in PPE. There is a series of protocols and they are put in place for a reason. That reason is to keep you as patients safe, to keep our staff safe and to keep patients who come after you safe as well.

That is only part of the new normal before your dental treatment. When you go into the surgery there is also a set of protocols before treatment.

Rest assured we are providing an environment that is as safe as possible to minimise the risk of COVID-19 contagion.