Holy Week – Semana Santa 2016

Post by: Gerarda on 18 Mar 2016


Holy Week is a sacred time in the Christian calendar that commemorates and remembers the last week of Jesus´ life on earth. The season of Lent, a time of self-denial, culminates on Easter Sunday with a great feast.

Holy Week is important for all Christians, as it focuses on the events that led up to  the Passion or suffering and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The last three days before Easter are known as the Triduum and are especially important for Catholics.

In churches everywhere on Holy Thursday, the Last Supper is reenacted, the night Jesus was betrayed and arrested. Good Friday, the day of His Crucifixion and death there is the veneration of the Cross. A service is held at 15:00 (the hour He is believed to have died) and another later in the evening. Holy Saturday, the Easter Vigil is held, the day Jesus rested in the tomb. Easter Sunday  is the day where Jesus rose from the dead.

The following is a schedule of processions in Marbella.

Palm Sunday “Domingo de Ramos” – Jesus´ final entry into Jerusalem
Date: March 20th
Begin: 20.00
Location: C / San Juan de Dios, Plaza José Paloma

Holy Monday – “La Columna” – The cleansing of the Temple
Date: March 21st
Begin: 20:30
Location: Capilla Santo Cristo, Plaza Santo Cristo

Holy Tuesday – “Santa Marta” – Sermon on the Mount
Date: March 22nd
Begin: 21:00
Location: Plaza de la Iglesias, C/ Carmen

Spy Wednesday – “Nazareno” – Judas agrees to betray Jesus
Date: March 23rd
Begin: 20:30
Location: Plaza de la Iglesias, C / Salinas

Maundy Thursday – “Calvario” – The Last Supper
Date: March 24th
Begin: 18:00
Location: Plaza de la Ermita, C / Huerta Belón

Holy Thursday – “Cristo del Amor” – Jesus is arrested
Date: March 24th
Begin: 20:00
Location: Plaza de los Naranjos

Good Friday – “Yacente” – Trial, crucifixion and burial of Jesus
Date: March 25th
Begin: 21:00
Location: Plaza Santo Sepulco

Good Friday – “Soledad” 
Date: March 25th
Begin: 21:30
Location: Plaza de la Iglesia

Holy Saturday – Jesus rested in the tomb
Saturday – No Procession
Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday – The Resurrection


Note: The schedule for the Semana Santa / Holy Week processions was correct at the time of publishing, provided by the Marbella Town Hall.

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A Facelift for Antonio Banderas

Post by: Gerarda on 22 Feb 2016

Antonio Banderas Plaza 2016

If you are Antonio Banderas the actor, then you don´t need a facelift as you are so darn handsome. However, if you are on the other hand, Antonio Banderas the 20 year old plaza in Puerto Banús, then you definitely need a make-over.

The Ayuntamiento has spent €434,000 on this new appearance for Puerto Banús. If you come to Banús now you will see the results of five month´s work, a newly renovated plaza with giant pergolas that provide shade from the summer sun, ample seating to rest your weary bones from soaking up that sun and shopping in the numerous stores in town. The marble floor has been restored and a new lighting system installed so you no longer have to look so carefully where you are putting your feet.

The Ayuntamiento is hoping that now since the plaza has been refurbished, it will become a destination and not just a place to walk through on your way elsewhere.

Come and enjoy the new look!


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Malaga Carnival

Post by: Gerarda on 27 Jan 2016

Maniqu con traje de carnaval

It´s Carnival time in Málaga!

40 days before Ash Wednesday, the start of Holy Week or Semana Santa people take to the streets in Málaga and most towns and cities in Spain, to party before the more austere period of Lent. From 1937 to 1977 though, Málaga was not permitted to hold celebrations as they were considered to be rebels by Franco, and it was not until 1978 with the coming of democracy did Málaganians once again don their costumes, break out their music and begin making merry.

The Historic Quarter as well as other areas of the city sees a vibrant display of parades, bands, singers, groups of singers, choirs, street musicians, quartets and multi-culturalism at its finest. The Carnival starts with a music competition in the Teatro Cervantes hosted by the Fundación Ciudadana del Carnaval (Citizen´s Carnival Foundation).

What is a fiesta without food? Epicureanism is an integral part of these celebrations, with rice dishes, cabbages, casseroles, stews and more. Every area around the city organizes tastings with Carnival songs as an indispensable part of the festivities.

The Carnival culminates with the burial of the anchovy or the Entierro de Boquerón on Malagueta Beach.

Carnival will take place between January 30th and February 7th.

January 30th
Election of Gods and Goddesses

January 31st
Grand Parade

February 1st – 4th
Street Carnival

February 5th
Grand Finale on the square / street carnival

February 6th
Street Carnival / Children´s Carnival

February 7th
Street Carnival /Gods & Goddesses Parade / Battle of Flowers

February 8th
Street Carnival / Gods & Goddesses Parade / Burial of Boquerón

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Letter to Santa

Post by: Gerarda on 17 Dec 2015

Letter To Santa Sparling


Want to drop off your letters to Santa Claus while there is still time or go to a Christmas concert? Then today is your day!

Thursday, December 17th

Royal postman visit – Drop off your letters to Santa Claus

Time: 17.00

Location: Neighbourhood Association
Las Albarizas, Calle Magallanes, Marbella



Time: 19.00
Performance by: Academia ARCOS DE SAN PEDRO
Location: Teatro Ciudad de Marbella


Christmas Concert – Carol Service

Time: 20.00
Performance by: Music students from the Conservatorio Municipal de Musica
Location: Salón de actos del Conservatorio
Parque de la Constitución, Marbella


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Christmas Time is Here

Post by: Gerarda on 14 Dec 2015

Christmas concert 2015

Enter into the Christmas season with music. It is the most wonderful time of the year and Tuesday, December 15th gives you an opportunity to share the holiday spirit with the Choir and Orchestra, Collegium Musicum, Costa del Sol. There will be Christmas favourites that you can sing along to as well.  Be at Iglesia de la Encarnación, Old Town, Marbella early to get a seat. It is a popular concert.


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