A Facelift for Antonio Banderas

Post by: Gerarda on 22 Feb 2016

Antonio Banderas Plaza 2016

If you are Antonio Banderas the actor, then you don´t need a facelift as you are so darn handsome. However, if you are on the other hand, Antonio Banderas the 20 year old plaza in Puerto Banús, then you definitely need a make-over.

The Ayuntamiento has spent €434,000 on this new appearance for Puerto Banús. If you come to Banús now you will see the results of five month´s work, a newly renovated plaza with giant pergolas that provide shade from the summer sun, ample seating to rest your weary bones from soaking up that sun and shopping in the numerous stores in town. The marble floor has been restored and a new lighting system installed so you no longer have to look so carefully where you are putting your feet.

The Ayuntamiento is hoping that now since the plaza has been refurbished, it will become a destination and not just a place to walk through on your way elsewhere.

Come and enjoy the new look!


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Post by: Gerarda on 14 Jan 2015

(This Post was written by Susannah Jayes, Picture Editor and writer from London and contributor to my blog.)

Eager to escape the grey and cold London winter, a few days before Christmas 2014, my husband and I headed to Bermuda for a brief holiday in the sun. Our destination was the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa (www.cambridgebeaches.com) at the western end of the island, with its private guest villas overlooking the sea. With swimming pools, private beaches and excellent cuisine, the resort was a great base for us to explore the island. Bermuda 1

What struck us most was how welcoming and friendly everyone was – both at the resort and everywhere we went on Bermuda. We were also lucky with the weather and had very warm sun on most days, so if you should get a chance to visit, you will be assured of a very warm reception.

Christmas cake Dec 2014Among our favourite places to visit was the Royal Naval Dockyard – a fort and ship repair yard built by the British in the early 19th century and in use until 1951. Today, there is a new cruise ship terminal, and many of the original buildings, such as the Clocktower, have been beautifully converted into shops, restaurants and craft centres. We visited the Bermuda Rum Cake Company, which, as its name implies, makes delicious traditional cakes – the rum cake was delicious!

Besides being home to the National Museum, the old stone-built fort at Dockyard is also home to Dolphin Quest Bermuda, where we spent a happy hour or so in the sunshine watching the nine beautiful and happy dolphins splashing about and interacting with their trainers. (Dolphin Quest is an international organization devoted to public education and to the conservation of marine wildlife.)

We took advantage of the excellent local buses to visit many other attractions around Bermuda, including Gibbs Lighthouse, which is one of the world’s oldest cast iron lighthouses, built in 1844. There are 185 steps to the top and I am proud to say that we made it all the way up, where the views were magnificent.

Equally fantastic was Horseshoe Bay, which we visited on New Year’s Day. Among the most famous beaches in Bermuda, we were again lucky with the weather and enjoyed hot sunshine as we paddled in the brilliant blue sea.

Church 2014

The capital of Bermuda is the city and main port of Hamilton. We travelled across to Hamilton by ferry and enjoyed exploring the parks and the Botanical Gardens, as well as the seafront with its many shops and cafes. We also visited the lovely coastal town of St George’s, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its unfinished church.

All in all, we loved Bermuda for its friendly people, its warm weather and its fascinating history and we would highly recommend a visit.




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50 Shades of Green in Marbella

Post by: Gerarda on 18 Mar 2013

Who needs 50 shades of grey when you can have 50 shades of the most magnificent color from the Emerald Isle? St. Patrick´s Day in Marbella was celebrated in a sea of green that would give 50 shades a run for its money.

From Irish dancing and singing to Irish food and drink from Aidan’s Bar & Grill, The Orange Tree, Beckitt’s Restaurant and The Playwright restaurant there was no excuse for anyone going home hungry or thirsty. Irish stew flowed from The Hogan Stand and the main entrance was awash with Guinness from The Claddagh.

Finola Sloyan of Event Planner, pulled off a miracle in getting a change of location for the festivities, for the Irish Club Marbella, since looming rain meant a last minute change of venue was going to be needed. Where do you find a site large enough for an event of this magnitude and at the same time have it available at a moment´s notice? It is not as if you can postpone such an important day in the Irish calendar.

It proves that leprechauns are not only found at the bottom of a Guinness glass but are found in scores of places and in countless forms. The Ayuntamiento de Marbella proved to be the leprechauns of the day at this year´s St. Patrick´s Day Festival, as they provided the Palacio de Congresos, a place where everyone could be warm and dry and have all the facilities one requires for a large group of people.

To the MC, Percy O´Rowland, from Toastmasters Marbella (TMI) who was an Irishman-for-a-day, well-done you. For all those who attended who were Irish or Irish-at-heart, it looked like a good time was had.

Great café in Puerto Banus – Croissant´s Show

Post by: Gerarda on 15 Feb 2013

We went with friends of ours to the Croissant´s Show in Puerto Banus last week. It is a lovely French café with a sunny terrace. We went for the desserts, and the sweet tooth among us had a delicious crepe with chocolate sauce. The rest of us had good old-fashioned desserts of brownies and apple pie. People at other tables were hard at work on their computers while they ate their fresh and tasty looking sandwiches and salads, as the café has Wi-Fi.  It is a good place to go if you can´t be away from your computer or you want to catch up on your emails.

You can also enjoy breakfast or lunch during the winter months and dinner in the evening, during the summertime. If you would like an English breakfast, a Continental breakfast or a Nordic breakfast you will find one to suit your palate.

For great coffee and delicious pastries among other tasty morsels, you need to check out Croissant´s Show in Puerto Banus.

They are located in:
Marina Banus, Block II
Next to the cinema
Tel: 951-712-592

They are open from:
Monday to Friday                              Saturdays
8.00 – 17.00                                      8.00 – 20.00

In the winter time they open EVERY DAY until LATE in the evening.

(These details were correct on the day this post was written & published.)


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Welcome to the Stockholm Dental Clinic Blog

Post by: admin on 21 Dec 2012

Welcome to my first blog post where I hope to provide you with information not just on the very captivating subject of teeth but also let you know what is going on in our area as well.

Having worked at the clinic since 2004 I have learned a lot about teeth, some things I really didn’t want to know and other things I have found fascinating. I am not an authority on teeth. I am not even a dentist. I happen to work at the clinic in administration and assist from time-to-time so I get to see first-hand some of miracles performed and the smiles from very happy patients. I also see the fear some people have at the thoughts of their visit and the relief when they realize it wasn´t as bad as they thought. That Mikael is truly as gentle as people say. Not being a dentist gives me the added bonus of being able to talk teeth in terms “regular” people.

As well as teeth there are plenty of other very interesting things happening here in Puerto Banus. It is also not just about real estate. We have the Saturday market, wonderful places to shop, to eat and drink or to stroll leisurely along the front line. If you feel you are up for a longer walk then use it as the starting point for a ramble to San Pedro or Marbella. Maybe you just want to chill out on the beach or make sand castles with your children. Whatever your pleasure we seem to be able to provide it.

Every season brings with it a host of activities, from the Film Festival in the fall to the Ice Rink at Christmas and of course the Summer Market in Antonio Banderas Square. Whatever is happening in the area you can find out on my blog. Let me know by email if there is something on the subject of teeth you have wondered about and I will try to answer it here. Otherwise, you will just have to sit back and let me get on with it. Enjoy!

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