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Over the years, I've had great experiences with Mikael and staff at Stockholm Dental Clinic. Mikael is very meticulous, professional and always makes me feel comfortable.

Mikael is the only dentist that I would trust.

Excellent dentistry in a caring, friendly and relaxing environment.

Worth the traveling for meticulous attention to detail. We highly recommend Stockholm Dental Clinic and are so glad to have been recommended ourselves.

I have been patient of Mikael's for almost a decade, having lived in the area up until 2005; since then I have been living in Houston, Texas and still travel back to Marbella to see him whenever I have need for any kind of treatment.

Mikael takes infinite trouble and is the most caring dental surgeon I have known in my 65 years: I cannot praise him too much. Gerarda gives him great support

Don't go anywhere else!

After having a good deal of dental work in the UK and the USA including root canal surgery I can say that, in my not inconsiderable experience, Michael is the best in the business. He seriously loves his job and I cannot recommend him highly enough.